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Freelance Copy Editor, Proofreader,
Writer & Copy Writer

Crisp, clean, creative: You've found your Copy Editor, Proofreader, Writer or Copy Writer. 
Everyone is reading something at some point, and the fight to get their eyes on your message is one of survival. When you get their attention, what you have to say should be crisp, clean and meaningful. No mistakes, misspellings or boring copy.
To get there, you need a Copy Editor, Proofreader & Writer who is thoughtful, fast, accurate, reliable and thorough.
I have been writing and editing for more than 25 years. I have been a Copy Editor, Proofreader & Writer, many times switching hats in a matter of minutes. I can be of service as:
Your Copy Editor, giving you mistake-free, flowing copy.
Your Writer, giving you creative, on-target messaging no matter the format.
Copy Editor, Proofreader, Writer or Copy Writer: The choice is yours, and I'm happy to make your copy perfect.