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My Work

Britt Around Town

Fusing Brittany Brown's love of photography and small towns, Britt Around Town celebrates neighborhood nooks and what they have to offer, from delicious bites to barre classes and everything in between.

Women in White Coats: The Evolution

"Women in White Coats: The Evolution" shows the road to the OR and ER has been littered with snarky comments, “no girls allowed” signs and personal sacrifice. Pushing past it all, today’s female medical providers are filling roles once held only by men while creating new ones.

The Power of 10

The Methodist Hospital Foundation Fashion Fundraiser helps its Philadelphia, Pa., community through the clinics and programs its annual event supports. The underinsured, uninsured, elderly, families and children can find help at the Acute Care for the Elderly Unit, the Augustinian Defenders of the Rights of the Poor Unity Clinic and a Parish Nursing Program.